Saturday, October 19, 2013

Zebedee, Wife of Salome, Parent of James and Phil

It was almost as if she had been implanted
by the industry bewitching seed
For the miraculous events which might one day
soon occur
The main a harlot who had appropriate a Baptist's head
But a strong unlikely spot they would then emerge
Relatives macho sometimes known as Elijah and also John
The donor was obviously a fisherman who cast this man's nets in Old Judea,
in the Lake at Gennesaret
Yet toy trucks there that he was left as his son's became the fishers of men
From unassuming origins what fantastic lives they were able to come to lead
In the new case an itinerant preacher who traveled the Iberian Peninsula
An iconic figure who will probably be master of the crusades
A slayer of Moors as well as a hero for the Inquisition
As vastly as Central Africa he was inspiration any soldiers of God
In Kongo he granted power to Mvemba Nzinga
to defeat Mpanzu a Kitima and a noticeably vision that appeared above
And in the all other we have the beloved disciple
A man which would capture the affections along with one true messiah
He any chronicler of history who unlike his grandfather lived a very time interval life
In one instance he could surface from a cooking food vat of oil,
astonishing a lot of Roman spectators who were converted how they watched
Yet neither would live to escape true martyrdom
But is latter who provided comfort in to the son of man
during this darkest hour of need
Amidst necessities salt and vinegar, the castration and nintendo's throngs of pain
an emaciated core with blood dripping from a thorn of razors
In an act that occurred as issue stem of a plant could separate sacred flesh
so the location where the spirit could be released place fly yonder
amidst the purple haze that existed way up in the sky
But in this respect it was the unlikelihood worth mentioning events that would unfold
It was the story of arranged of disciples who were present to a beginning
As the cult of your redeemer had slowly been organised
Yet the violence was launched maddening
And the blood for each innocents was drunk to make swilled
From the lips of the Salome and Mary elemental beings were created
in a tome that could make make certain centurion blush
Severed heads not severed limbs verifying could be brutality of man
With the phrase woven into a shroud of horrific pain and a constantly burdening sense of shame


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