Friday, October 18, 2013

Aspartame Frauds - Are You Sick Simply Toxic?

Aspartame in the past arrived with FDA worldwide popularity in 1981. And today is in most of the foods and drinks you regularly purchase. This chemical sweetener, also sold by the trade names, Nutrisweet get Equal, breaks down inside aspartic acid, phenylalanine get methanol. Methanol breaks just below into formaldehyde.

Formaldehyde may be found in embalming fluid. Ouch. This chemical is digested by the shape then circulates through our own bodies. The byproducts then deposit inside tissues and create all sorts of symptoms.

The cumulative domination of this chemical has assaulted our health and wellbeing and health care tools and supplies. The damage caused by this man made food additive is visible to affect every build...

Side Effects



-dizziness or very poor equilibrium

-change of mood

-slurring which were speech

-facial pain

-tremors often severe

-severe sleepiness/drowsiness

-numbness towards extremities

-restless legs


-abdominal pain or sometimes cramps

-change in vision

-decreased view including blurring, tunnel objectives, bright flashes

-decrease in night vision

-pain in eye(s)

-decreased tears

-eyes bulging

-ringing included in ears

-intolerance to noise


-seizures and convulsions

-memory loss



-other neurological complaints


-sleep problems


-change of their heart rate



-numbness, tingling

-local swelling

-change in weight training level

-difficulty breathing

-oral sensory changes

-change in check menstrual pattern

-severe PMS

-marked weight-loss loss

-gradual weight gain

-frequent peeing with or without burning

-increase in succeeding as susceptible to infection

-brain damage

-birth difficulties, mental retardation


-addiction to aspartame

-cravings to make sweets (most notably in their eyes products with aspartame)



And never any the symptoms. This chemical may cause symptoms of among those serious diseases...

-Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


-Lyme Disease





-Grave's Disease



-non-Hodgkins Lymphoma


The accumulation of aspartame is the risk factor for these problems. So in which to find a disease and then try to identify it, may not occur. You see, with no actual disease process occurring, tests can also come back negative. Your answer should be to remove the toxic source and knowning that the symptoms would subside if not completely vanish.

Children and older adults would be the most vulnerable to the outcome of any poison. By FDA records, the number one source of aspartame with complaints is soda stick. The FDA has branded this chemical as 'generally defined as safe' or GRAS.

That isn't too surprising. After an individual, saying you were wrong is probably on the list of hardest things you in the world done. So, what you think the chances are how the FDA would say they were in error?

You don't are limited to the world wide economy or perhaps food industry when you choose what to eat or feed your family. All you have to think about is what is perfect for you.

Alright, what can you do...

1. Stop consuming Aspartame take an immediate basis.

2. Ban this chemical around the home.

3. You can assist our own bodies to heal by eating organic food period of time.


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