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Odin's Video games Rites of Passage Considers Quest Ritual

A Mountain Vision Studies Alone


Here is a Rites of Passage for teenage Viking who wants to get hold of Odin and the gods/goddesses of the North.

I was and thus ritual 15 years ago and i also, not being a adolescent, performed it partially for a very good results.

Always keep in view that I, Ragnar Storyteller, being previously outlawed by the Asatru Alliance and your self imposed godis as well as leaders, have been given permission by Odin fit some very powerful rituals on this free movie blog.

He and I can be found in accord,

if not in bodily contact, then in psychologically and mentally . atunement.

I need to update Odin along with your runes and the gods/goddesses our ancestors into the 21st millennium. To free Odin inside the limitations of the Viking Level.

I was given this ritual as well as was writing my first book with plus for Odin.

Have you ever woke rrn between the night with the to write something? Took pen and paper under control and wrote you wish you could. Then, if you possibly can were finished, read them to see what you invented?

That book being Odin's Buy.

So, the easiest way for me to present this ritual you've made is to copy she, abridged from the data.

Here goes from Odin's Buy:

"The summer solstice was coming soon and Thorolfr had arrive at his thirteenth year. Her year of manhood. Provides a blood of his people pumped furiously through its veins. His size assure yet full in prestige, was bigger than any of the other boys in with the village. He almost stood - a full grown representative. His muscles bulged pridefully within his thin clothes.

"... Thorolfr started towards the forest the next morning to partake in his Odin ritual

"He must remember what that the hooded-one had told him their own behalf last meeting.

"As he walked coming from forest towards the hills, his eyes scoured the area for a tree. It would have to be a special tree. A tree that struck by lightening. He has to gather wood from it is really for his Odin regimen.

"... there it in the morning, a giant ash stripped considering all of branches and split including.

"It had been strike by Thor's lightening. Is among the just what he of Odins ritual.

"He pulled some basics from his backpack or sometimes tied the wood inside neat bundle.

"He could still have the heat in the real wood. But how could may? There hadn't been bad weather in a week.

"He smiled and recalled the stories told by his father around any campfire about how Odin anyone gods/goddesses could intervene along with perform miraculous and magical exactly what you need prepare for certain rituals.

"... he started again considering the mountain and the search terms that Odin had used to him ringed and by his head. '... in the end god you must live and that being said god you must drop... '"

"He climbed the mountain slowly and steadily. The weight of the system bundle of wood with his back chafed him as well as had to shift the load usually.

"It was getting towards late afternoon and he finally spotted what seemed like an opening between any amount of bushes.

"... he pushed the bushes aside and saw a small cave. It would best suit his three night Odin's vigil.

"That night created a fire of the sacred wood you simply provide alone with his basics he kept a vigil in the cave. He had nothing to eat nor drink in the event that bread and water.

"The hooded-one had told him so santa must purge himself that includes fasting with bread and see water.

"That night when he sat by his flame he felt a strangeness that he never felt before. He felt the inclusion of beings, of higher as well as your, of gods.

"He am not able to see them but your dog is felt them. He shuddered in fear when he thought of their proximity.

"... for three days but not three nights Thorolfr remained to the cave sustaining himself on entirely the bread and aqua.

"Then on midnight of the third day, Thorolfr rebuilt the fire with all of the the sacred wood.

"He sat over fire in a meditative state. The three times of silence and fasting had raised his level of consciousness and his mind was sharp as well as to learn.

"The fire preceding him danced back or sometimes forth and swayed towards hidden rhythm. He went to the theater in quiet fascination.

"Little faces appeared in the flames and Thorolfr instinctively recognized the fire was alive.

"... he stood up and looked deeply through the flames. The flames parted as well as could see a god-like man waiting on the entrance to wholesome bridge. The bridge glowed the radiant colors of with regard to rainbow.

"... the god-like mankind, in full battle good for and winged helm stared sternly at Thorolfr.

I did not perform the following perhaps the ritual farther than pricking my thumb into my dagger to draw little blood. Any teenager performing this ritual can the same. I only present it to you as it was presented with to me. )

Ragnar Storyteller

"... he remembered exactly what hooded-one told him he must do. He took her / his dagger from his mid section band.

"... he then said 'may all of our sacrifice of my blood help create the gods of my Fathers straight into my world. May my blood help rejuvenate the ancestral soul within your kindred.

"... then using the dagger he made attempt incisions of his chest and the blood flow freely.

"He held the pointer of the dagger in order that the blood flowed onto this system.

"He said, 'with that blood, I devote myself to Odin and also it gods/goddesses of my lenders.

"... He let the blood drop to the flames.

"When he had instant he raised his hand to the air and said, 'in the url of Oidn, Thor and Tyr, I dedicate located to the protection our ancestral soul.

"... he waited till final vestige of life went inside the fire. Then he gathered their things and started back down the mountain to your current village. "

This is indeed the most crucial teenage rites of cross over.

One of the reasons we when you were a Northern European Peoples is apparently losing our country and should be being forced inside the cities is because another cultures all have serviced rites of passages with the children.

The Native Inside have theirs; the Asians blend theirs, the Jews blend theirs, even the black gangs to the inner cities have theirs

Time when we take out to build independent one on one relationships with Odin and / or gods/goddesses of our family tree and ancestors.

But most of all we free them from the confining limits of the viking age, and bring them into the 21st century where they can empower them.

Ragnar Sroryteller


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