Monday, October 14, 2013

Struggling to find Ithaca - Finding Up your eyes

This is an insurance quote from the famous "Ithaca" poem. In Greece this is just about the most famous quotes and Kavafy's Ithaca is just about the most famous poems. It is taught out of all students in Lyceum contained in the curriculum. What is amazing is that although we are explained these staff, nobody really gives any attention after school. Very few individuals search for their Ithaca, in the way Kavafy's poem instructs.

To begin again, let me tell you some things about Ithaca. Homer published "Odyssey" and "Iliad" poetry some centuries ago. Iliad details the Trojan War and maintaining Odyssey about Odysseus long journey time for his kingdom in Ithaca the moment the war was over. It took Odysseus a decade after the war terminated to reach his wish. Not only after thousand of adventures, losing all of his as well as making his peace along with the gods was he able at reach Ithaca and his wife Penelope. Even then he would have to fight and kill those who surrounding Penelope who desired to marry her and take his place in his kingdom. His knowledge in late the journey was important.

What does this have to do with this Blog you intensity wonder? It has everything relating to this Blog. You see Odysseus any VISION. His vision was to reach Ithaca no matter what. All of his some time to actions were guided produced by vision. He fought bugs, he went to past the underworld and back, he has been struggled until he to conclude had his breakthrough.

My question to you is: "Do you do a vision? " where can they see yourself 10 months from today? Do you have Ithaca at the rear of your head, every get-together? If not you should step up and find your opinions. This is what's going to guide you. This vision will propel you to take all those necessary actions at today, to realize the actual dreams.

Going back to prepare Kavafy, he urges you and me wish that the road is long and stuffed with adventure, full of coaching. You know why? Ithaca is not any easy task. It usually takes years to reach, but we can gain a lot from the journey. Education and knowledge tend to be powerful and influential weapons in the present arsenal towards success. Learn a new product every day. Use this information to gain advantage and incorporate this knowledge to your strategy to the vision.

Now let us brake down and see what we need to fulfill "Ithaca". First of all we should instead be certain about what Ithaca represents for all of us. What is our goal in life? Each person is a unique individual with different needs each ones Ithaca is state of the art. Find yours. The the simplest way to do this is to picture in your mind the perfect day, since that time you wake up every day until you get back to bed. Remember this is a great day when you have everything you ever wished in life. It does not have to have to have anything to do for money. This day must be some time ahead of the modern date, let's say decade from now. Once being do this, you do a VISION. You have your own Ithaca and you have got 10 whole years to arrive it. Remember each person have their own Ithaca. If you are pursuing another person's, you will most truthfully fail, because it is not what you should accomplish in life. If you suffer from a vision, you need to form a STRATEGY to reach up your eyes. You can now start your journey towards Ithaca. You begin your adventure and knowledge stream that will eventually help you reach your vision. Remember that by definition device is a long-term planning procedure.

The following step shall be put OBJECTIVES. The objectives can appear to be weekly or monthly small achievements that will assist you to reach your vision. How may you put objectives? Your objectives must me S. FARRENEHEIT. A. R. T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and in a very Timetable). Your objective must appear to be visualized as achieved right from the start. Let me give you an objective as I have learned from my mentor Dorrie Wood.

"Today, [date - in a week, in a month, in 72 hours], PERSONALLY , I [your name], it is for better relief that I have were able to [your objective]. Looking back throughout this [week, month, 72 hours], I cannot believe the easy way easy this was to accomplish it. THIS IS EXACTLY THE WAY YOU DID IT: [list of at least 20 ways to reach that goal]"

You boasts a S. M. A. GRAMS. T. goal and you have give you various solutions on figure out how to solve the problem, when. If you go over the 20 or 30 and / or 50 ways you have present to attain results, rest assure that you really reach this objective. The "WAYS" to accomplish it are called TACTICS and by definition is part of a short-term planning conduct.

Do not delay ever again. Today is the day that you might have your VISION. Today the long journey of adventure and there is knowledge begins, because you have already a purpose in world to pursue. Today is the day there is gone out in search of time Ithaca. Odysseus was alone in this journey, but you doesn't have to be.


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