Saturday, July 27, 2013

Important Constantine and Jesus Jesus

With a conspiracy at heart Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church on the way to sole purpose of governing the masses and exercising a young form of power to accomplish. This happened at the biggest Council of Nicaea in 325 AD which main questions debated had a great is influencing the nomination of Jesus Christ as its prophet and Saviour.

The emperor claimed he did find a vision of the cross sun-drenched (common in those days) and had been told to plan the image as a sign of victory. He was already an undesirable killer of thousands presenting driven his army massive Europe from England to embrace Maxentius at the Milvian Link. The latter was killed together with his entire army and then all an element his family so there is no one left to understand challenge Constantine's place while new emperor of The italian capital.

He then had the cross erected interior of your city but that had been nothing new. Roman soldiers had embraced the symbol whenever you have battle on previous instance. It was a well-recognised sun sign whose history is traceable back right some 500, 000 beginning.

'Cross' or 'criss-cross' is inside the term 'cris-t', where [t] is actually a symbol for it. That became 'christ' where the [h] is added. From 'crist' come levies like 'crystal' for container that reflects the sun as a the circles of rainbow colours in the central cross. 'Cristos' option 'cross - circle of light' as well as it another term for 'christ'. Fabled term for 'spirit' arises from 'i-s' or 'eye associated with light' whereby [s] is available indicated light and heart in ancient text.

'I s' perfectly as çİİs' means 'life' several 'to be'. Doubled it is 'isis' the term for any of the Egyptian Sun God. In another form it is 'issi' that how the Spirit said it wants to be called (Hosea 2: 16). Neither Latin nor Italian keep letter [j] but when actuality that added as a prefix the name become 'j-issi' or 'jessie' and even is 'jesus'.

Constantine took the Spirit and applied the crooks to the term for the cross to accomplish the name Jesus Christ. So this promoted this image by way of his new god. The conspiracy so he and his cohorts then and later consorted ended up being to change the nature within God from Spirit into a man who could be controlled and focus on Roman Emperor while giving him enough capability to run the world.


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