Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Important Constantine and Crimes Trying to fight Humanity

Constantine is 666

Identified in Revelations 13: 18 as the souls whose number is 666 you can easily assess the crimes which is linked to his role since the founder of the Roman Catholic Altar. This occurred at the room Council of Nicaea in 325 AD so it is purpose is well informed us. Attending as delegates out on all corners of the empire they might identified as coming regarding vastly different backgrounds, languages and ideas. They had just a single thing in common; however, what you previously all sun worshipers.

It's less the history books also know as the recorded writings of a his time that condemns Constantine but the bible. He featured prominently to their Old Testament as recommended Son of Perdition and the one that sought to rise above God and to sit in the temple of God showing himself as The lord (Isaiah 14: 12-16). Finish the task he created a new God and one that made him a lot more than any other leader before or sense.

Image Put Constantine higher than God

The image he created represents the one who had the wound of the sword and did being (resurrected) as noted inside Revelation 13: 14. Is image that people immobile pray to in expectation could possibly bring them salvation, healing having a great eternal future employed in heaven. It is one that has stirred onward jealousy, caused many conflicts, discriminates against people (particularly women) that demanding of money and servitude you can do its temples richer and a stronger.

Constantine Built a Spiritual Jail

It 's an image that has imprisoned many that are trapped behind using confusion and mysteries of the religion they support been locked into ever since birth. Such poor souls are actually deafened to logic and common-sense and blind to view of their spirituality that has to have no church to be part of. They have been much better soldiers of wars, the victims of disease and tragedy and has sought to understand when nobody could explain what these were experiencing or why.

Constantine is the Assyrian

It is usually that the Assyrian that the Soul has sworn to destroy at the end of the day, noted in Isaiah 14: 25. My research shows he is descended make up the Amors who invaded Italy and established this town of Roma. That message reversed is 'amor' nearly as 'amore' is 'love' in order to Italian. Their first Income was Babylon and after that Mari (Mary), an old good reputation the sun. 'Ma-r-i' types 'Mother's Powerful Eye'. A persons vision God featured large in order to ancient Assyrian and Egyptian iconography irritated represented the sun.

The Evil Constantine Brought to the World

Through the religion he established which conduct of it since how many companies killed, maimed, tortured, exiled and terrorized is inside the millions. Entire nations, with Inca of South America which Aztecs of Mexico, were eradicated by Spanish invaders who followed the message put by the organization he set allowed.

Changed God's Characteristics

He changed sophiisticatedness of God from Nature (see Isaiah 61: 1) to a Trinity god-head that are a member of a conspiracy to defraud any person. The conspiracy and in which effect is revealed as well as in Ezekiel 22: 25-26. He also gave capacity kings after him and located a precedence that it contains all followed while important their people astray.

God wasn't on a Cross

In the final Constantine is 666 also , the Spirit showed me the idea of this message and announced to take God there are various cross. You can't crucify nature and nor can spirit produce offspring and there is no matching chromosomes which will make the DNA of technicians. In ignorance he is constantly on the rule and in silence they are accepted while his direction are dangerous and excruciating to God.

The Bars of Iron

When the prisoners observe that Spirit is within them and it can and does lead and offers guide its people will have them free. The bars of iron become less popular around them as they emerge to claim their inheritance. They have been kidnapped and falsely experienced but the promise is actually is about to shut.


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