Sunday, August 18, 2013

Technosphere - Greek Artists Obtain New Association

Technosphere or Technosfaira is usually an association of Greek rappers, and by that I cannot simply mean painters, but probably musicians, singers, dancers, programmers, poets and writers. This is what makes association unusual in Greece.

It was founded from your artist Vasiliki Tampouri, who is now painting in her blood as she knew as a kid her grandfather, who perished his talent and zest for art to his granddaughter. For years Vasiliki had a dream of being a part of a community of artists who is going to promote their art, teach others and reach a wide-ranging audience, helping them figure out art, which is all too often associated with an elite. Her vision is produce a art accessible to peeps and foster a zest for beauty, compassion for others and a desire to get together for the common appropriate. These might seem woodland ideals, but Technosphere is a very common step towards fulfilling the very dreams.

It is a link which fosters communication between artists of varieties, giving them a platform out of which to advertise their work as well as collaborate in exhibitions which are not just about paintings and sculptures and so on, but also about readings of poets' works, music, dance and readings from and discussions with recognised Greek authors.

Vasiliki's dream is to increase this to artists applying their countries so that people from covering can share each other bands art and through that figured out how the culture of then one.

Technosphere mounted its introduction exhibition only in 2011, with only eighteen artists (painters) and any number of others but now artists are eager to participate which is very gratifying to locate the founder. The last exhibition attracted more than thirty artists of as much as possible persuasions, and with each exhibition more and more people want to become connected.

Artists in Technosphere are created from all over Greece and likewise islands, although Athens, the capital of Greece is it's base. Currently only Greek artists in order to, although this is perhaps on account of lack of publicity when you hit it in the Art the planet outside Greece.

There are hopes to the fact that association can in the future give seminars and provide courses on painting, working on, singing, creative writing along with. However the group is paying for the Greek economic crisis acquiring and began when Greece was facing harsh austerity specializes in, meaning that people had less money to buy handy work and travel to shows. Despite the economic also political climate, the association has in from strength to strength this is to be hoped it can continue to grow and scour an international one.


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